HAMMERSMITH : 184 Hammersmith Rd, London W6 7DJ

1 - 8 pm

5 - 8 pm

1 - 8 pm

10 am - 7 pm

Home visits on request 

I am offering online osteopathy sessions and pilates

Movement is now more than ever at the heart of our health and sanity! 


I have started online consultations to support you and your loved ones in this difficult time. Obviously, this is not the same as in person, but as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, we can work together to find the root of your discomfort and/or pain. There is so much we can achieve in terms of advice, education, rehab exercises,  stretching and posture.

 Appointments last 45 minutes, however, in exceptional circumstances a longer session may be necessary. If you have private health insurance, payment will be requested on the day and you will need to claim back from your insurance company directly.


 Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance otherwise the full fee will be incurred.