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Is yoga good for you ?

In the last few years yoga has become really popular.

We all have heard ideas like “yoga is not a proper workout » or « yoga is too gentle ! » but Yoga is challenging in many way and as any activities it has to be practiced with cautious to avoid injuries .

When well performed , yoga helps to increase flexibility, strength and balance.

It also help reducing your stress and free your breath.

So why not starting now ?

Forget the misconceptions such as :

- Yoga is just for flexible people.

Yoga accepts you wherever you are. There are no rules, no expectations, and no judgments. Anyone can benefit from the practice of yoga as long as you are patient and approaches the practice with an open mind.

And strangely enough it can be more difficult for flexible people. Not difficult in a sens they can't do the pose, but in a sens it's harder to maintain a good alignment as their ligaments are loose and they have to be focus on activating the good deep muscles to protect the joints.

- Yoga is easy, gentle stretching.
There's a great deal of value in gentle yoga, but there are many styles and schools of yoga that are incredibly physically challenging. It takes strength, stamina, and flexibility. There's a class out there that will meet your needs–whether you're a dancer, marathoner , or tired grandma !

If get any pain before/while doing yoga the best thing really is to consult a healthcare professional to get your pain diagnosed so that you know what you’re dealing with, how to manage it and remove the fear of making something worse.

With Osteopathy, you can get to the root of these pains/ imbalances and stop the vicious cycle from ruining your practice. Osteopathy helps bring the body back into balance and helps restore it back to functioning at its best. It’s not just about manipulating the bones but working with all aspects of the body incorporating soft tissue, ligaments, muscles, joints and the visceral.

Whether you are an advanced yogi or a beginner you will always benefit from a MOT to find out what are your strength, weakness and what yoga poses would suit you best .

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